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How One of The Largest Commercial Cleaning Franchise Companies in The World Dominated Their Market with SEO and Google Ads

Years Engaged

2009 - 2016

Services Provided:

Digital Strategy Development, SEO, SEM, CRO, Content Marketing, Local Marketing, Web Analytics


Perfect Placement:

How a 100+ Year Old Packaging Company Took Control of a Competitive Market

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How a Health Resort Grew Its Website Traffic to Over 4,000,000 Visitors a Year

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Industry & Client Background

At first glance, the commercial cleaning industry doesn’t seem particularly complicated. A business which serves the public needs its facilities cleaned consistently, effectively, and reliably. Commercial cleaning services were typically provided by full time janitorial staff, or maybe an outside contractor who provided a team that could arrive at multiple locations outside of business hours to ensure bathrooms, floors, workspaces, or offices were kept presentable and sanitary. This fundamental B2B service existed for decades in the US without much consequence for its significance, until one clever entrepreneur realized that a company which provided a standard for exceptional commercial cleaning could be franchised

And so began the global commercial cleaning service and franchise market, which is now estimated to be worth over 168 billion dollars.

This company (Let’s call them Clever Cleaning Concepts so as not to violate a previous NDA) came to Gallant Fish Internet Marketing by way of a series of failed ad campaigns. Massive investments were made in creative advertising campaigns that certainly won awards, but failed to generate sustainable leads for cleaning services, or potential franchisees.

The company knew there was massive demand for their services and franchise model, but simply could not define an inbound marketing strategy that sustainably delivered leads for two very different audiences. They knew the world was looking online for cleaning services and franchise opportunities, but if outbound advertising didn’t work, what was next?

SEO momentum built steadily over time, resulting in strong lead acquisition

The Challenge

In 2009, the art of SEO was just hitting full stride. Google Ads was becoming more prolific, and mobile internet (looking at you iPhone 3G) and apps were being rapidly adopted. Companies of all varieties were racing to understand the highly dynamic process of optimizing for search and how to apply it to their industry. An executive at Clever Cleaning Concepts happened across a presentation being delivered by an insightful Gallant Fish Internet Marketing founder who was preaching the principles of keyword research, information architecture optimization, this weird process called link building, and how to use web analytics to measure organic growth. Needless to say – the lightbulb turned on – if the company could position itself prominently in search results when service and franchise audiences were seeking them out – something their competitors had yet to realize – they could dominate the industry. It was worth a shot – and an engagement began.
SEO momentum built steadily over time, resulting in strong lead acquisition

Approach & Impact

During the course of an engagement that would ultimately span 7 years – Clever Cleaning Concepts worked with Gallant Fish Internet Marketing to implement a strategy that aligned an expansive website architecture with phrases like “office cleaning services”, “commercial cleaning services”, “cleaning service franchise”, and a broad spectrum of language that engaged two distinct audience segments. That foundational strategy of aligning the domain’s architecture with transactional, informational, and commercial terminology ultimately translated to first page rankings in nearly every market where they operated. The influx of service leads from organic search, phone calls from Google Ads, and franchise inquiries from meticulously optimized landing page and microsite campaigns changed the nature of how the company acquired new business. An outbound sales model transformed into a call & lead processing division which, to this day, is how the company grows.

Clever Cleaning Concepts relied on Gallant Fish Internet Marketing to develop the national and local SEO and SEM strategy that would enable the corporate, global, and regional owners to leverage an exceptional volume of organic traffic for sustained service and franchise leads. During the course of the project, Gallant Fish Internet Marketing created expansive information architecture segments to engage audiences at the local level, while implementing link building and content marketing initiatives which built thousands of high value links. Over 7 years time, the site endured four major transitions, engaged over three million website visitors, and benefited from an indelible lead pipeline that still exists today.


How a 100+ Year Old Packaging Company Took Control of a Competitive Market
How a Health Resort Grew Its Website Traffic to Over 4,000,000 Visitors a Year
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