About Us

Gallant Fish Internet Marketing is now in its 14th year of operation. Before that, quite honestly, we were marketing mercenaries – consulting and contracting with several of the largest digital marketing & advertising companies in the world.
What makes us different from the 10,000 other digital marketing agencies out there? Above all else – it is our discipline – our unwavering dedication to exceeding expectations, applying the principles of data science in every project we undertake, and leading by example. We demonstrate the efficacy of our work statistically and consistently using state of the art data systems.
Our goal is to catalyze the effectiveness of your internet marketing efforts – to provide the resources and expertise you need to drive forward in a competitive vertical – or to get started in that vertical in the first place. Whatever your marketing goals may be, we have the solutions and resources to help you succeed.

The bottom line is, we deliver pure and simple ROI attribution - communicated clearly and honestly.

Did we mention that our internet marketing services cost about 1/3 less than our competitors? How is that possible? Well, the reality is – we don’t invest in swanky offices, trade show booths, or promotional events. We invest in our people, technology, and clients.

A bit about Capt. Charlie J. Ellis - Founder of Gallant Fish Internet Marketing

To be completely honest, there is no title for what I do. The truth is, I wound up in this position by accident. Out of curiosity, ingenuity, and ultimately necessity.

Like so many of the marketing evangelists who influenced me, I stumbled into digital marketing.

For a long time I considered myself an SEO, but times have changed. As the internet marketing industry grew up, so did I. And look at us now. Are we marketers? Strategists? Optimizers? Writers? The reality is, I think, we have to be a bit of everything to be successful.

So here I am at the helm of Gallant Fish Internet Marketing a decade and a half later. Still going strong. Still compelled to understand and navigate the nebulous concept of the internet which permeates our lives. Still excited to see what comes next. It’s been such a privilege to work with dozens of amazing companies from all over the world – I couldn’t imagine life any other way.

I practice ROI driven marketing, which means setting goals, meeting benchmarks, and developing the comprehensive effectiveness of a client’s web presence are at the forefront of every marketing campaign I undertake.

I’m an open book – more than willing to share my lessons learned during this odyssey in business and in life. I strive to lead by example in all that I do, because that is the standard I hold myself to.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Gallant Fish Internet Marketing.

We're the best crew for you.