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Where's the motivation these days?

I blame corporate America for the ruining the term ASAP.  It seems that every one needs everything IMMEDIATELY these days. Is it a sign that business is actually thriving and the recession is a hoax? Or is it the repercussion of pitiful time management skills and procrastination? Either way – it’s time to face fact – cutting it close can cost you.

Running a company during a recession, let alone an SEO Company in Miami, Fl, presents a dynamic variety of challenges – from account management to technical implementation, the challenges grow more intricate every day. But if it’s one thing that has saved me, time and time again, it’s proactive organization and efficient communication. Staying on top of a project by using collaboration tools, communicating efficiently with email or IM, and even discussing ideas verbally rather than online – are all enduring tactics which pay dividends. Still, urgency looms…and the dreaded “ASAP” sends our harmonious operations into a tail spin.

And I ask myself, why?

With meticulous planning, due diligence in production scheduling, and proactive management…how do these little ASAP emergencies keep emerging? Is it a product of our willingness to accommodate our clients needs by any means available? Are we not using the most up to date collaboration tools on the market? There must be a reason…

oh wait…maybe its not us?

I try to keep faith in the capacity of corporate America to stay organized, adopt innovative marketing technology, and participate in the ongoing conversation on the perception of their public brand. Somehow…when i see things like this, this, and this…my faith slips away a bit.

What happened?  Surely this evident decline in corporate responsibility and internal organization is the result of poor management, a lack of resources, or inter-departmental mis-communications.  Or maybe, it has more to do with motivation.

I care about my job. Passionately. I strive to preform to the best of my ability so my clients and my partners can trust that when i say i’m going to do something…they know I will. I set deadlines, manage projects, and dedicate time to research new tactics so the people I interact with professionally can benefit from my knowledge. I take my commitment to excellence seriously. My motivation is natural because I care about what I do…and I realize my actions have a direct effect on the people who count on me.

If procrastination is the product of disorganization, and disorganization is a personal choice (and it certainly is), then motivation is the key to resolving the impending sense of urgency and doom created by leaving things to the last minute.

As a small business owner who strives to run a tight company – my motivation to work efficiently and practically will never be influenced by people who don’t operate in a similar fashion.

Save the ASAP for the real emergencies.

There is no substitute for experience.

It's time to get your digital marketing on course.

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