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Social Media Case Study Round Up

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Looking for ammunition to convince your marketing team they need a social media strategy? Having a hard time explaining why a defined social media strategy is so important? Know you need a plan but need examples to solidify your strategy?

Welcome to the SEO Sumo Social Media Case Study Round Up! The goal here is to catalog the social media case study resources which offer tangible results-oriented strategies.  Lessons learned, successes, failures…it’s all here.  This will be a running list, so feel free to propose additions.  Here’s a few of my favorites to get things started.

The Social Media Case Study Superlist

The Interactive Insights Group put together one of the all time greatest resources for finding inspirational social media case studies.  Worth a thorough read if you’re scoping out competitive social media marketing strategies.

35+ Examples of Corporate Social Media in Action

Mashable’s powerhouse list of extremely successful social media marketing case studies.

A list of social media marketing examples from Peter Kim

The most complete resource i’ve found on social media marketing case studies and examples. Listed alphabetically by brand.

The Social Brand Index

An index of brands actively engaged on the social web.

300+ Cases and Examples of Social Media Marketing

Pretty much exactly what it sounds like.  A great resource for surveying the effectiveness of social media marketing by industry.

The Hot List of Social Media Case Studies

A running list of social media case studies – updated as more success stories hit the market.

The Full Barack Obama Social Media Strategy

A really solid presentation detailing the intricacies of the Obama social media strategy.

The Impact of Corporate Culture on Social Media

An insightful investigation of how corporate culture has shaped the implementation of social media marketing initiatives.

6 Social Media Marketing Case Sudy Lessons from Hubspot

Hubspot is one of the leading providers of “inbound” digital marketing solutions.  Here’s their awesome round up of case study lessons.

13 Enlightening Case Studies of Social Media in the Classroom

It’s great to see how academic institutions are picking up on social media integration. A solid and insightful article.

Social Media Case Study: Broadcast vs. Engagement in Forums

This article highlights how engagement varies depending on the scope of user engagement.  Solid reference for making a case for SMM.

26 Social Media Marketing Examples in detail

An OCD approach to identifying social media marketing case studies.  The perfect balance of practicality and SMM implementation is explored in this article.

Local Social Media Marketing in Action

Real world examples of how social media marketing improved business for a few local businesses.

A look at NASA’s Social Media Program

Michael Gray’s thought provoking overview of NASA’s social media program. This article is one of the best overviews of how a social media strategy at the government level should be managed.

The White House 2.0

The U.S government’s take on social media integration.

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