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It’s amazing how insightful, dependable, and practical web analytics systems have become.  Long gone are the days of processing server logs and analyzing urchin reports to understand how traffic pulses across the internet.

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To that point, It’s almost impossible to talk about web analytics without Google Analytics dominating the conversation.

Web analytics should be at the core of your digital marketing efforts.  It is impossible to make practical or financially sensible decisions about which marketing channels are delivering ROI without a reliable web analytics system in place.  The latest version of Google Analytics provides an overwhelming volume of website performance data, ranging from geographic demographics to sophisticated visualizations which illustrate the flow of traffic through a website’s architecture. The customization capability and flexibility of Google Analytics makes it an indispensable asset.

What’s amazing to me is that companies of all varieties are quick to invest in marketing channels like PPC, SMM, and SEO, but often fail to leverage web analytics and conversion tracking as an inherent component of their digital marketing strategy. Understanding how each marketing channel contributes to leads, revenue, or brand visibility is a critical aspect of calculating the ROI of a marketing campaign.  Without web analytics and conversion tracking, it’s impossible to properly attribute ROI. And guess work at the corporate level just doesn’t cut it.

No Guess Work Here

No Guess Work Here

So why are countless organizations so hesitant to fully utilize the myriad of web analytics and conversion tracking mechanisms available? The bottom line is – they just don’t know where to start. From setting up goals and conversion funnels in Google Analytics to the implementation of call tracking solutions  - getting a handle on what’s driving the success of a business is an overwhelming task. The web analytics industry is booming, which has led to a flood of products which provide tremendously valuable business intelligence, and a tsunami of products which make quantifying campaign ROI frustratingly tedious.  But that boom in technology has a downside – it makes choosing the right conversion tracking systems a daunting task.

Digital marketers tend to be data geeks in one form or another.  They crave information which helps them to make educated decisions about the effectiveness of their initiatives, ideas, and digital strategies. To that point, most marketers share a common fear – not being able to quantify the value of their work.  It’s no mystery that marketing budgets are typically allocated based on success, which is often dictated by a system of KPIs collected across a multitude of analytical tools. While the value of some marketing channels are easier to quantify than others, the same goes for conversion tracking systems. In order to derive the most value from conversion tracking, it’s important to understand exactly what KPI’s provide the most actionable intelligence.

The bottom line is that web analytics should be valuable – not frustrating or complex. We make it easy for your business to leverage analytics methodically and practically by streamlining the information you need to make actionable decisions. From custom reporting dashboards to weekly performance reporting – we’ve got you covered.

You can count on us to establish, refine, or enhance  the web analytics and conversion tracking systems you need.

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