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The Changing Role of Search Engine Optimization

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What is search engine optimization? That’s a question which isn’t so easily answered these days. The use of search is prolific in our society, no matter what country you’re in or what device you use to access the internet.  Search is a fundamental behavior, like making a phone call or sending a text. It has become an extension of our memory, a tool we feel entitled to without consequence for how it works…or why it works.  It just works.  We expect it to.  We trust search.  More specifically, we trust Google.

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And how could we not? In the blink of an eye – everything you could ever want to know or need is there – organized and accessible.  Intuitive.

Search is more a part of our lives now than ever before – it is with us everywhere we go. Always available.  Always working. Always there to answer any questions, no matter how obscure those questions may be.  Search is our confidant, an enduring resource which is both reliable and unbiased. It is the great equalizer, delivering what is relevant, useful, and valuable. Search is personal.  Search is social. Search learns who you are, where you are, and what you like.

Search is your companion, your ally, your solution.

As a business owner, search can be your greatest adversary.

To not exist within the universe of Google is to not exist at all on the internet. As staggeringly intelligent and simple as search may appear, it is actually driven by a profoundly intricate process rooted in the science of information retrieval.

Search engines are algorithmically driven digital engines, powered by a myriad of complex systems which discover, evaluate, categorize, store, and deliver an index of the internet based on a weighted scale of ranking factors.  While many brilliant people strive to reverse engineer how large scale search engines like Google actually work, the truth is…only the engineers who built it really know…and to that point…they don’t really know either.

Google has become something that is so much more than a simple IR system which pulls from the largest index of the web the world has ever seen – it is evolving in the direction of unprecedented artificial intelligence – the spectrum of which isn’t thoroughly understood (even by the people who created it).

The most brilliant minds in the field of computer science and information retrieval strive, day in and day out, to improve the functionality, capability, and intelligence of Google’s search engine – pushing into the burgeoning world of artificial intelligence.

So what does all that have to do with marketing?

Well, the reality is, it’s more difficult than ever to be successful at building organic visibility in Google. While the tenants of relevancy and authority are still key, there are over 200 ranking factors at play, and while some clever people have made amazing strides at understanding those ranking factors – the exact formula for success is unknown.

What is known, without any degree of doubt, is that showing up on a SERP when someone is searching for your products, services, or reputation is absolutely critical. Getting there isn’t easy, but it starts with understanding what Google wants from you.  The bottom line is, you have to earn visibility in Google (unless you’d prefer to just buy it).  And that takes methodical analysis, tactful strategy, cogent copywriting, an understanding of IR, the ability to engineer seamless information architecture, command of web analytics,  an enduring supply of patience…and a track record of success.

Or you could just hire us.  :)

Here at Gallant Fish Internet Marketing, we have developed a process that will help your business to succeed online.  It’s that straightforward.

  • Be mindful, there is no one-size-fits-all SEO solution. Gallant Fish Internet Marketing campaigns are custom developed to meet your needs and budget.
  • Our goal is to optimize your digital business.
  • Our commitment is to improve your bottom line.
  • Our promise is to succeed.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch now!

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