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A Pay to Play World

Talk about competitive. Google Adwords is a bidding system for business.  And everyone who sells products or services online wants in.

At the surface, Google Adwords is a very straightforward business tool. You pay for ad placement on a SERP when a user selects a keyword which is relevant to your business.

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Easy enough right?

Well actually, no.  There are dozens of factors at play when it comes to which keywords trigger your ads, where your ads appear on the SERP, how much you’ll pay for a click, and whether or not your ad shows up instead of a competitor. Google Adwords relies on a complex, algorithmically driven auction-like system to determine which ad to show, when, where, and to who. Ad position is determined by a system called Ad Rank, which is responsible for evaluating what you’re willing to pay for a click in relation to a Quality Score (the relevancy based relationship of the keyword, ad, and landing page).

Needless to say, if you haven’t taken the time to study, learn, practice, and refine the use of Google Adwords, you probably shouldn’t try to do it yourself.

Pay Per Click marketing is a reality of doing business online.  You need it.  If you’re not leveraging paid search, you’re missing out on a digital marketing channel which is only surpassed by the enormity of organic search. Google Awords provides an unparalleled opportunity to generate leads, phone calls, sales, branding – pretty much everything your digital business needs to grow. It is not optional, although you may be under the impression it is.  If Google is the engine, Google Adwords is certainly the fuel.

It’s not surprising that Google has declared war on free clicks, which means that every business owner needs a paid search strategy.  To say they are winning that war, is an understatement.

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Paid search is a double edged sword.  While it can deliver profoundly targeted traffic to your website, it can burn through your budget (no matter the scale) without delivering a single inquiry.  Google Adwords is a complex, intricate, and remarkably challenging advertising medium to master, but if you can afford to pay to play, you might as well work with a team who has been active with the system since the beginning. As with most technical disciplines, there is no substitute for experience. Google Adwords is a product which is in a constant state of refinement – the interface, management tools, and ad features are perpetually evolving.  Making the most of those changes demands constant education and experimentation. If you don’t have the time to thoroughly understand the functionality and operation of Google Adwords, you are setting yourself up for failure.

In all seriousness, investing in Google Adwords can be risky. Account mis-management can result in a financial debacle. Despite the necessity to invest in Google Adwords, every business owner needs a paid search marketer who can put their money to work efficiently, tactfully, and responsibly.

I’ve been managing Google Adwords campaigns since 2007. From local businesses marketing campaigns on tight budgets to enterprise ecommerce – I can build campaigns from scratch, optimize existing accounts to improve ROI, and coordinate retargeting campaigns so staggeringly effective your customers will think you’re reading their minds.

Conversion tracking is at the heart of the paid search marketing campaigns I manage.  There’s no room for guesswork when it comes to investment in Google Adwords – you need to know where your money is going and that ROI is being generated. I specialize in establishing conversion tracking systems which accurately quantify the return on your ad spend – through phone call, lead, and eCommerce tracking.

Did I mention I’ll provide a complementary audit of your current Adwords account? No? Well, you read that right.  I’m so confident I can outperform your existing Adwords marketing efforts that i’m willing to put in the time to show you how.

Give me 30 minutes to review your current efforts, and i’ll give you 30 minutes worth of advice.  Get in touch now for a complementary 1 hour consultation.


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