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Getting Found in a Sea of Competition

What does it take to be the most visible charter boat in a top U.S tourist destination?

The marauder

We found out.

We started with nothing but ambition, although an extensive background in local business marketing didn’t hurt.

Despite having an intimate understanding of how to design, build, and optimize websites for performance in local search, Miami Fishing Charters LLC  began its journey just like every other business. Incorporation, personal investment, extensive industry research, occupational business licensing, and relentless drive to outperform the competition.

Two years later, it is inarguably one of the most visible charter boats in the region – a product of leveraging all local marketing channels effectively and methodically.

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We focused exclusively on:

  • Building a memorable, creative, and intuitive website experience engineered to accommodate our target audience.
  • Optimizing our website with specific language utilized by people looking to book fishing charters in Miami, FL
  • Increasing the authority of our website through link building, blogging, and creating useful resources
  • Providing outstanding customer service on each and every trip
  • Dedicating ample time to corresponding with inquiries from the web (CRM)
  • Leveraging call tracking systems to manage inquiry volume
  • Methodically improving the value of our local listings on Google, Tripadvisor, and Yelp
  • Taking amazing photos and integrating them into our web experience
  • Investing tactfully in Google Adwords – using the latest innovations to improve the performance of our campaigns
  • Participating in events, tournaments, and branding activities which built public interest
  • Learning from web analytics what type of resources our customers found most valuable

…and that’s in addition to being better than average fishermen.  :)

The results speak for themselves.

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The bottom line is, we built a local business from the ground up – a business we are passionate about – to thoroughly understand the hardships and challenges faced by local business owners across the world.  We’ve learned from our experience starting, building, and maintaining a local business than we ever could have imagined – and we’d be happy to share the lessons we learned with you.

Do you really want to know what it takes to build a local business?  Get in touch today and we’ll fill you in.


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