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Everything you need to know about solving the wordpress duplicate content issue

Solving the wordpress duplicate content issue is easier than you think.

When the duplicate content issue on this blog got a bit out of control, our rankings all but disappeared in wake of a penalty and I just couldn’t put the pieces together. My future as an SEO, my credibility as a webmaster, my personal frustration tolerance, and my sense of pride for all things internet related had just about disappeared.  I kept building links…strong links…and wrote articles more frequently.

The problem got worse.

Then the epiphany came. Maybe wordpress isn’t as search engine friendly as I originally thought.

Sure there’s lots of plugins to maximize on-site SEO , fantastic control over URLs, phenomenal syndication capabilities, and a slick CMS – but it’s all a fallacy with regards to the  natural structure of a wordpress blog.

I spent a good two days beating myself up before my research instincts kicked in.  The solution was right in front of my face the entire time. I even remember having read several great posts on the subject.

By not heading the words of advice from talented people like Michael Gray and the generous writers mentioned below…you’re shooting yourself in the foot on the wordpress SEO front. Literally. Read these articles in this order ( I recommend opening each of these as a new tab on your browser) and you’ll have the full solution in no time.

How to make a wordpress blog duplicate content safe

WordPress, duplicate content, and wrong SEO plugins

Webmaster world – WordPress and Google: avoiding duplicate content issues

Webmaster world – Good basic solution to resolve wordpress duplicate content issues

Webmaster world – Robots.txt to fix duplicate content issue

Duplicate content cure for wordpress plugin review

WordPress no duplicate content plugin

WordPress duplicate content issues and solutions

Reducing duplicate content issues on wordpress blogs

Michael Gray on how to make wordpress SEO friendly

I’ll post a follow up to this post once we rid ourselves of this pesky duplicate content issue. Hopefully i’ll have an interesting case study start to finish by the time its over. If anyone has any other resources they’d like to share on resolving the wordpress duplicate content canundrum – please feel free to email me or drop them in the comments.  Anyone who posts a “valuable” resource link will have the nofollow removed from their comment!

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