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Content Delivery tips to save your money

These instructions are for saving you money. Yes. Providing the content the right way will support the SEO that will give the boost in performance planned for your website.

Generating poor or stolen content will defeat our SEO efforts, since your position in search engine results are directly dependant on content uniqueness and relevancy.

If you want to really compete on internet, you’d eventually have to upload the right content, either now covered by your new website’s estimate, or later as a paid new work.

Unfortunately there’s no way to replace content once you decide to make it better, without either re-formatting its styles over, or knowing html language yourself. That’s why providing a “temporary” content will waste your money.

You might say “what? will I be charged by doing a few changes to the pages content? Why?

You have to understand that your single text document (or several) will:

  • Be styled (titles, bold tags, as bullets, as numbered lists, etc)
  • Decide what goes under what subject, what belongs to what.
  • Will decide where to make new pages or break it into child pages because the amount of text deserves it
  • How to manage groups or generating children of pages
  • Whether the chapters or sections will trigger searchable taxonomies your future articles will be categorized into

There’s no way for us to re-place the content once all that was done. It’s not “a few word documents” anymore.

Doing it right will save you the money of doing twice, and us the time to figure the above up. If we can’t make sense or find the above in your content, it will be laid out as long single pages, not categorized, not broken down into chapters nor subtitles… not attractive to your visitors at all.

Remember: we are not in your business field, and our understanding of it is limited to what we can Google. And again, Google will give us copyrighted material it’ll later find in your website as duplicate, if we use it.

You are the only one with your unique view and opinion.

Content must be unique.

I know, it sounds a pain, but there are copywriters out there whose work is exactly that: taking the heat of making good unique content.

You are right: even students of the same teacher from your university will later express and write about your business field the same way they learned it in class, and chances are the text would look alike, and seems hard to imagine there are many different ways to write about it out there. Fortunately, Google only catches content duplicate beyond likeness, and it does it very well. Google knows EVERY website, and has a good memory (indexes).

Content must be structured

The only way for us to know, from a single text document, how to distribute it correctly for your visitors find it, is making sure the text is structured, not just a page with a brain dump. Even if the brain is a genius’.

“How do I provide structured text?”

  • Outline. Like Powerpoint’s “Outline view” (actually the right way to create powerpoint presentations automatically from text, which generates slides automatically)
  • Using correct heading sizes. Most text editors have heading styles named as H1, H2, H3, etc. and that will tell us where a subject ends and what goes inside it.
  • Spreadsheet. We could provide a table with row titles e.g. “title, intro, content, subpages…” for you to fill in.

Here are some tips to structure your text:

  • Break down the ideas in sub-ideas, with a title.
  • Keeping ideas grouped under the same subjet/section.
  • Leaving detailed descriptions out of the current idea. We can link to the extended description later.
  • Keep Headings the right size, if you are providing the text without at least bullet points, so we don’t confuse a subtitle with a new section.

“How do I develop affordable unique content?”

As we said before, there’s no way for us to create unique content for you without hiring an expert in your field. The closes thing would be you learning wordpress interface now (the usual text-styling tools you find in text editors, but re-arranged in a different way than you are used to). There are tons of tutorials on internet, Youtube, … there’s even a WordPress TV website, with video tutorials.

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